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Sing to him a new song;
play skillfully,
and shout for joy. 

-Psalms 33:3


Revelations Choir is well respected for providing choir for liturgical and para-liturgical services for weddings, communions, ordinations, feasts and other occasions. Revelations specializes as a wedding choir, singing in  beautiful harmonies. 

A band of young and talented musicians, providing service to the church, by using their talents of singing and music for the glory of God. The main aim of the choir is to help the congregation to worship the Lord through their singing. The choir is based in Mangalore, India. 

Established in the year 2010, Revelations has been providing the choir for hundreds of weddings, communions, ordinations and other liturgical services. 


To give the best to the Lord, through our talent of music.

  • Wedding Choir in English

  • Wedding Choir in Konkani

  • Taize Prayer - Konkani and English

  • Backup Singing

  • Gospel Band

  • Retreat Praise and Worship

  • Liturgical Choir - for communion, christening, ordination and other liturgical services.


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